Adopt an Owl

Adopt an Owl


The cost of maintaining owls in captivity adds up quickly. It costs the Centre approximately $400/owl/year in food alone! You can help support the Centre by joining our "adopt an owl" program.

For only $50, you can adopt one of our captive owls at SBOIC for 6 months. For $100, you can adopt an owl for a year. For $175, you can adopt an owl for two years. Donations to SBOIC are tax-deductible!

For your support, you'll receive an adoption package including:

  • A certificate with details about your adopted owl, including a picture, as well as, an additional photo ready for framing!
  • A fact sheet on burrowing owls and 2 postcards.
  • One and two year adoption packages also receive either a stuffed plush burrowing owl toy or a SBOIC lapel pin.
  • The satisfaction of knowing that 100% of your money goes to care for the owls
  • Would you like us to send this package as a gift? We will include a personalized letter to the recipient acknowledging your gift to them! (Please check Yes to Gift Recipient if so. Also add an address for us to send it to them or if not  just say in the gift recipient mailing address box.)
  • Have a question? Contact us by phone or email.

How can I adopt an owl?

Drop in to SBOIC or fill out the form below.  We now accept online payments logo ccVisalogo ccMClogo ccDiscoverlogo ccAmexpaypal logo

Adopt An Owl
  1. To adopt an owl, please fill out this form, print it and mail it along with your cheque or money order to the address below.  We will send your adoption package in the mail as soon as we receive your adopt-an-owl form.
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The owls thank you!